Sustainable Development, Environmental & Democractic Policies in Relation  to Upcoming Elections in DR Congo


Government authorities have continually sought to silence dissent with threats, violence, and arbitrary arrests. In the eastern part of Congo, a couple of armed groups remain active. Most of their commanders leading forces that have handled numerous war crimes for which few have been held accountable by the current regime. Likewise, the government through Congolese army soldiers have also been responsible for abuses against the civilian population it is meant to protect.

Due to the above mentioned reasons, NPPPC Party on behalf of the nation is requesting for USA and Canada support in its bids in restoring DRC, founded on Eight  pillars of Peace namely ,Liberty, Hope, Unity,Dignity, Security, Prosperity, and Justice, which eventually will  not only be sustainable to the nation but also to its future democracy.

It is, therefore, important for the International community such as the UN Members, the Security Council, United States, Canada and Britain to have a complete view of the situation in DR Congo before it further deteriorates. This petition presents a set of indisputable facts which will help interested parties to understand why the DR Congo constitution should neither be changed to allow the current leadership to continue being in power more than the normal two terms as enshrined within the constitution.

This has been the National People’s Patriotic party of Congo’s position on the basis that the current government has not demonstrated willingness and capacity to deal with the perpetrators of the deadly violence that left most citizens displaced and to break the cycle of dictatorship by establishing principles of democracy and human rights. NPPPC is the Party of inclusion. We treasure harmony, order, dialogue and teamwork.

NPPC Party Position

In spite of the rising Political tensions throughout the country, as religious and political leaders, students, activists, and others have spoken out against proposed changes to Congo’s constitution and other proposals that would enable the incumbent president to stay in power for longer than the two consecutive terms currently permitted, the government has continued to silence dissent with threats, violence, and arbitrary arrests.

Extra-judicial killings have increased significantly since 2003. The United Nations Special Rapporteur on Human Rights has investigated and made his findings (Prof. Alstom). No prosecutions have been conducted.

From The NPPPC Party Position’s perspective, it is therefore their responsibility as an opposition party seeking to take over the country’s leadership in the upcoming elections, due to the failure of the incumbent long time president in addressing such key issues such as, arbiter arrests, failure to bring to justice the perpetrators of violence, failure to establish sustainable policies that will ensure people’s rights, progressive economy and also minimize corruption. The party believes that this poses grave danger to the DR Congo internal peace and security. Violence will always create more violence. The rebels have to therefore down their arms and join the ordinary citizens in the development of this country. All citizens as Congolese have to work together. And in the event that the party takes over the leadership, the party will ensure that it organizes the country’s wealth for the benefit of everyone.

In conclusion, conducting a timely, peaceful and credible elections in November 2016 would convey a clear message to the world that the DRC Congo is a nation that values its Constitution, a nation keen on a calm transition of power, a state that will consolidate peace. The NPPC Party, therefore, appeals to worldwide support in ensuring that such are not tampered  with.

On the issue of human rights within the country, Martin Kobler in the Africa Renewal by UN News Centre concerning political tensions in DR Congo, notes that quite a number of violations affecting a large number of victims has occurred this year so far. He further points out that half of such abuses were committed by State agents, and despite constant calls, progress has been slow in bringing the senior perpetrators to justice.

The current stagnated or decrease in the number of investors in the country and DRC Last place ranking (Human Development Index) is a sure sign of a failing economy  hence  the increase in poverty levels should the ruling party continue being in power after changing the constitution. Within some islands of stability in the East, the state has exhibited its inability to enhance the presence of police, hence, resulting to high levels of insecurity, a factor that has in the process discouraged entrepreneurial activities with progressive levels of, in particular, crime rates and poverty levels.

In as much as the ruling party claims that M23 has been defeated – a manipulative campaigning strategy that’s meant to devour the citizens their rights. All efforts of reintegration on the basis of the Nairobi Declaration [2013 agreement ending hostilities] have not succeeded so far. This is a time bomb that must, therefore, be instantly defused hence the need for a strong support from The whole World: EU, USA, Canada, the Americas, Russia, China, AU and   Asian

Pacific countries given that the current leadership is not only willing to resolve these issues but has also failed in working them out. Killing of innocent unarmed demonstrators by the government of DRC demonstrates the unjust determination of current leadership to cling to power no matter what it takes just for the sake of governing and reigning without accountability, responsibility in total impunity. Playing dirty is not our game. We need Peace and prosperity to sustain the culture of democracy and tolerance. We are ready to give Hope, Dignity, Justice, Prosperity, Security, Liberty, Unity and Peace forever in the greatest country in Africa.

Let’s work together.


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By Dr.  Sapard Vincent-de Paul Mozes Mulumba Ngandu Tshimankinda Kalala,  NPPPC / DRC President


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