New Member Adding “Academic Lustre” to Addington Chambers: Virtual barristers Chambers now totals seventeen in little over a year.

London, Addington Chambers, the “virtual” international barristers’ chambers specialising in tax and revenue law and related Chancery and Commercial matters, has further expanded the number of its members with Alastair Hudson, the highly respected legal academic and barrister joining Chambers as an Associate member.

Alastair Hudson LLB LLM PhD FRSA FHEA is a highly respected academic. He has been Professor of Equity & Finance Law at Queen Mary University of London, at the University of Southampton, at the University of Exeter and at the University of Strathclyde, where he was Head of School. He is currently Visiting Professor of Law at the University of Reading.

Alastair is a specialist in finance law and regulation and trusts law and is the author of twenty-two books, including The Law on Financial Derivatives (2022, 6/e), Securities Law (2022, 3/e), The Law of Finance (Sweet & Maxwell, Classics Series, 2/e, 2013) The Law and Regulation of Finance (2013, 2/e), Equity & Trusts (10/e, 2022), The Law of Trusts (2010, 2/e with Geraint Thomas), and has been one of the authors of Palmer’s Company Law since 1996.*

Alastair was employed by Goldman Sachs and by Citicorp as banker and lawyer in the derivatives and corporate finance markets in the 1990s. He has taught finance law to students and practitioners in the UK and overseas for twenty-five years ever since. He holds a PhD in the areas of equity, restitution law and derivatives from the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London.

He has advised the full range of Labour front-bench politicians since 1991 in the areas of legal affairs, Treasury and BEIS policy. He has been voted UK Law Teacher of the Year and is a National Teaching Fellow. He was called to the Bar in 1991.

Adrian Shipwright, joint head of chambers, said: “Alastair’s track record speaks for itself. As a highly respected academic barrister, with a wealth of experience, particularly in the areas of finance and tax which are key concerns for our clients, his decision to join Addington Chambers brings further credibility and academic kudus to our Chambers.”

Addington Chambers was only set up in June of last year from a standing start of two, and we have had eight new members join since April, including our first silk. Alastair brings our number of members to 17- a testament to the growing need for guidance in the increasingly complex taxation environment and our growing reputation as a major legal practitioner in these markets.”

Joint head, Julian Hickey added: “The need for specialist tax advisers has never been higher in the UK, particularly post Brexit and the pandemic. We are already seeing the government look at every opportunity to use the tax system to raise revenue. We are delighted that we will be able to meet our clients’ needs with all our new members who have different but complimentary skills.

Alastair brings an academic approach and a fantastic resource for our legal practitioners to call upon. He brings the experience of having worked in investment banking together with the recognition of being at the forefront of thinking on tax and finance matters. His arrival takes Addington Chambers to a new level to becomes one of the strongest tax sets in the UK.

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