Bar Council: PAC report raises questions over response to justice system crisis

Responding to the Public Accounts Committee report, Key Challenges Facing the Ministry of Justice, Chair of the Bar Council,. Derek Sweeting QC, said:

“This report is further confirmation of the growing crisis in the justice system and raises significant questions about the adequacy of the response. Weaknesses across the whole system, not just in the police and prisons, but also in the courts – including the strain on frontline staff – must be addressed so that the public can have confidence in the delivery of justice again. Previous governments have successively cut the justice budget to its bare bones. This Government has the opportunity to make sure the criminal justice system survives the pandemic and is future-proofed.  As the report makes clear that will require more investment across the board– along with more court capacity – otherwise the expected rise in those entering the justice system as a result of the increase in police numbers will simply make a bad problem worse.”

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