‘To no one will we sell, to no one will we deny, or delay right or justice’ Magna Carta

By Phillip and Elizabeth Taylor, Richmond Green Chambers, reviews editors of the barrister magazine The Terror of Tyrants through the Ages, Magna Carta is Reassessed 800 years on by Elizabeth…

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Chambers constitutional arrangements

By David Webster, Partner in the Corporate & Commercial Team at Russell-Cooke LLP.

Despite recent regulatory changes and innovations, most Chambers still operate as a group of self-employed, independent, barristers joined together as an unincorporated association. The constitutional arrangements of these unincorporated associations vary in type and complexity, but will invariably deal with common themes, including crucially: (more…)

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Rationing Forensic Science

By Jo Millington BSc (Hons) MSc PGCert MIABPA, Senior Forensic Scientist, Manlove Forensics Ltd

Impartiality, independence and integrity are the foundations of forensic science. As a forensic scientist, they are qualities that evolve during our formative training in science and we arguably donate them to our profession for free.  It is our personal responsibility to nurture and sustain them and we entrust them to a system which we hope will protect and develop them. (more…)

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Achieving gender equality in the workplace

The achievement of gender equality at the highest levels of British business and government has been a much debated issue for some time. However, the publication of Lord Davies’ first Women on Boards Report 2011 and the subsequent 2015 target of 25% board representation has resulted in a more intense degree of scrutiny and media interest – as well as much debate. (more…)

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CILEx from a barrister’s perspective

By Jennifer Robinson, Barrister, Cathedral Chambers, Cardiff

CILEx is the national professional association for Chartered Legal Executives, paralegals and other legal practitioners. Chartered Legal Executives are qualified lawyers who are able to conduct litigation and undertake their own advocacy. They are the third largest branch of the legal profession and they are making their presence known. (more…)

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