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In Anatomy of a Nation, Selwood vividly blends human stories with the selected fifty documents to bring out the startling variety and complexity of Britain’s achievements and failures in a fresh and incisive insight into the British psyche. This is history the way it is supposed to be told: a captivating and entertaining account of the people that built Britain.

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  • Actors Benevolent Fund– Supporting actors and stage managers
    experiencing hardship owing to illness, injury or old age

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  • Churchill Gowns– Our barrister’s wig is handmade from 100% pure horsehair, and all purchases are made from a supplier based in the UK.


Simple Contract Law: A brief introduction to English Contract Law

This book provides an essential introduction to English contract law. Written by practising barrister and law professor, Mark Watson-Gandy, whose infectious enthusiasm for the subject permeates the text, the book simply explains all the core concepts and leading cases. Whether you are a law student or an international lawyer, you will find “Simple Contract Law” to be an ea …more

Michael Beloff QC, once described as ‘the Bar’s
Renaissance Man’, has had a distinguished career
as advocate, arbitrator, and judge. An outsider of
mixed Russian Jewish heritage with four immigrant
grandparents and immigrant mother, he had an
insider’s education as a scholar at Eton and Oxford,
with a professional life culminating in his offices as
President of Trinity, one of the most famous of the
historic Oxford Colleges and Treasurer of Gray’s,
one of the four mediaeval Inns of Court.
In this candid story he reflects on the development
of his vocation through its various staging posts
from his childhood to his swan song as barrister
after fifty years in practice, highlighting his most
important cases, in particular those with a political
dimension as well as a quintet of high profile libels.
He uses his personal experience to illuminate the
arts of both advocacy and judging to evaluate
how the Bar and the law has reformed during his
professional lifetime and to predict and assess the
likelihood of future changes.
Familiarly called ‘the Godfather.

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A Practical Guide to Practice Direction 12J and Domestic Abuse in Private Law Children Proceedings’ by Rebecca Cross & Malvika Jaganmohan

Paperback: 978-1-913715-81-6
Published: December 2021
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