Suffering through injustice

The Access to Justice Foundation has released some new videos that show *Elizabeth telling her story. There are 2/3 of the UK population don’t know how to get legal advice and 14 Million people live in poverty and can’t afford access to justice. The video is a call to support access to justice across the country by donating via

You can find a copy of the video on Youtube: or via our social media channels that has shorter examples of the video!

The Access for Justice Foundation was set up by the legal profession. We are the only national charity solely focused on funding and supporting access to justice. The Foundation gives grants to advise agencies across the country that provide legal advice on a range of issues. The foundation funds organisations like Southwark Law Centre that helped Elizabeth find the justice she needed.

“Because if not for them, then people like me will be taken advantage of.” Elizabeth

“If you want minimum standards in the labour market then you need to find ways of increasing access to justice” Richard O’Keefe, Employment Caseworker, Southwark Law Centre

My Employer thought that with this additional funding from the Access to Justice Foundation, we can make this a three-day role. We can have a go at actually providing full representation.” Richard O’Keefe, Employment Caseworker, Southwark Law Centre

There are thousands of people like Elizabeth around the country that don’t have access to justice and are being left behind. The Access to Justice Foundation funds free legal advice across the country but so much more needs to be done. Please consider supporting the Foundation with a donation of £5 a month and give access to justice.

“Access to Justice is incredibly important, in my area claims in the employment tribunals are the only mechanism for enforcing basic employment rights. So your rights to take some paid holiday each year, your right to a minimum wage, your right not to be discriminated against.” Richard O’Keefe

For more information please contact Greg Hodder, Head of Development on or call on 07793225769

For more information about the Access to Justice Foundation please visit

*not actual name

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