Minimum pupillage award from 1 January 2022 announced

The Bar Standards Board has today announced that the rate for the minimum pupillage award, which will apply from 1 January 2023, will be £20,703 for 12-month pupillages in London and £18,884 per annum for pupillages outside London.

The award is set having regard to the Living Wage Foundation’s hourly rate recommendation. The announcement of these rates is usually made by the Foundation in November each year, but was brought forward to September this year in response to the rapidly increasing cost of living.

The annual increase in the pupillage award applies from January each year, regardless of when pupils started pupillage. Monthly payments to pupils must be adjusted accordingly. Where possible, we would encourage Authorised Education and Training Organisations to consider increasing the pupillage award early if they can, to assist pupils in the most financial need.

The rates in 2022 have been £19,144 for 12-month pupillages in London and £17,152 for 12-month pupillages outside London. We are aware that this is a significant uplift and AETOs should contact the Supervision Team by emailing if they foresee any difficulties in paying the minimum award from 2023.

More information about pupillage funding can be found in Part 4E of the Bar Qualification Manual.

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