A – Z Barrister Chambers Online

Chambers Location Head of Chambers
Falcon Chambers London Jonathan Gaunt Kim Lewison
Farrars Building London John Leighton Williams QC
Farringdon Chambers London Charles Salter
Fenners Chambers Peterborough Paul Hollow
Fenners Chambers Cambridge Paul Hollow
Field Court Chambers London Lucy Theis QC
3 Fleet Street London Lee Parkes
187 Fleet Street London Andrew Trollope QC
Forum Chambers London David McIlroy
Fountain Chambers Middlesbrough Timothy Roberts
5 Fountain Court Birmingham Ralph Lewis QC
3 Fountain Court Birmingham Philip Parker QC
Fountain Court Chambers London Stephen Moriarty QC
Furnival Chambers London Andrew Mitchell QC
www.1gc.com. Exeter Janet Bazley QC and Charles Geekie QC
www.1gc.com. London Janet Bazley QC and Charles Geekie QC
Garden Court Chambers London Owen Davies QC Courtenay Griffiths QC
Garden Court North Manchester Ian Macdonald QC
Godolphin Chambers Truro Barrie Van Den Berg
Goldsmith Chambers London Lord Thomas of Gresford Q.C.
9 Gough Square London Andrew Ritchie QC
Gough Square Chambers London Frederick Philpott
1 Grays Inn Square London David Malone
10-11 Grays Inn Square London Mark Muller
14 Grays Inn Square London Management Committee
2-3 Grays Inn Square London Anthony Porten QC Anthony Scrivener QC
4-5 Grays Inn Square London Elizabeth Appleby QC Timothy Straker QC
2 Grays Inn Square London Jane Rayson
Grays Inn Tax Chambers London Milton Grundy
Great James Street Chambers London Alun Jones QC
Guildford Chambers Guildford Jeffrey Widdup
Guildhall Chambers Portsmouth Lee Young
Guildhall Chambers Bristol Peter Blair QC
4 Paper Buildings London Michael Poole QC Eleanor Sharpston QC
2 Harcourt Buildings London Robin Purchas QC
1 Harcourt Buildings London Martin Griffith
Harcourt Chambers London Jonathan Baker QC
Harcourt Chambers Oxford Jonathan Baker QC
Hardwicke Building London Nigel Jones QC
1 Mitre Court Buildings London Bruce Blair QC
3 Hare Court London James Guthrie QC
2 Hare Court London David Waters QC
7 Harrington Street Chambers Liverpool David Steer QC
2 Harcourt Buildings London Roger Henderson QC
1 High Pavement Nottingham Peter Joyce QC
High Street Chambers Godalming Selwyn Shapiro
Hogarth Chambers London Christopher Morcom QC
Holborn Chambers London Stuart Stevens
Hollis Whiteman Chambers London Peter Whiteman QC Vivian Robinson QC
Invictus Chambers London  Kamar Uddin- Practice Manager
Invictus Chambers Bristol  Kamar Uddin- Practice Manager