Could a virtual Justice system become the norm?

Angela Savin, Partner in KPMG’s Legal Services Tax Disputes Practice, represented her client at the Supreme Court’s first remote case by video link last week in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

 Angela comments:  “A great deal of care went into ensuring everyone felt they had a fair and proper hearing. The Justices were very conscious that it was an unfamiliar and unusual situation, but it was heartening to see how adaptable everyone was.

“I hope that the experience can act as an example for us to consider in the future, and I expect to see some real benefits to come out of this in terms of adaptability and accessibility.”

The case raises the question of whether a virtual Justice system could become standard practice.

Nick Roome, Head of Legal Services at KPMG, adds: “It is great to see our Tax Litigation and Disputes team at the forefront of how we keep the Justice system moving in the midst of the current disruption.

“I think this episode will spark a marked shift in the use of virtual communication, collaboration and remote working technologies and practices. Harnessed in the right way, I believe this has hugely positive implications for the legal sector and our clients.”

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