CILEx from a barrister’s perspective

By Jennifer Robinson, Barrister, Cathedral Chambers, Cardiff

CILEx is the national professional association for Chartered Legal Executives, paralegals and other legal practitioners. Chartered Legal Executives are qualified lawyers who are able to conduct litigation and undertake their own advocacy. They are the third largest branch of the legal profession and they are making their presence known. (more…)

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A paralegal life

This autumn sees the first steps of a major new research initiative being run by CILEx into ‘the paralegal’, the undefined member of the legal community of whom there are very many and yet about which the market knows very little. CILEx’s ‘Paralegal Enquiry: Can paralegals meet future market needs?’ is the first of its kind in the legal services market.  It will commission research designed to deliver an all-encompassing view of the place of paralegals now and into the future. (more…)

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