BSB conditionally authorises Manchester Metropolitan University to deliver new Bar training provision

The Bar Standards Board (BSB) has today announced that it has conditionally authorised Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) to deliver the vocational component of Bar training from September.

Under the new Bar Qualification Rules which came into force last year, all Bar training providers are required to apply to the BSB for authorisation in order to provide Bar training. Today’s announcement means that Manchester Metropolitan University has become an Authorised Education and Training Organisation (AETO) for the provision of vocational training for the Bar. This authorisation is subject to Manchester Metropolitan University entering into a contract with the BSB in relation to the provision of the authorised course – as all AETOs must do – and a number of other conditions relating to the presentation of MMU’s fees and the title of its postgraduate exit award.

The process of authorisation for any potential AETO involves consideration by a BSB panel of detailed information provided by the AETO against the requirements of the Authorisation Framework. Details of all those who have now been authorised, or who are currently in the process of seeking authorisation to provide vocational training are also published on the regulator’s website.

A BSB spokesperson said: “We are pleased to conditionally authorise Manchester Metropolitan University to deliver the vocational component of Bar training. This brings the number of providers up to nine, meaning that from September 2020 students will have more choice than ever before”.

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