Bar Council reaction to Supreme Court decision on prorogation of Parliament

Responding to today’s Supreme Court decision on the prorogation on Parliament, Richard Atkins QC, Chair of the Bar Council, said: “I have repeatedly said in recent days that it is vitally important that the rule of law is observed in the UK. Following the judgment of the Supreme Court in the Brexit case it is even more important than ever that those in positions of power think very carefully about what they say. UK judges are independent and held in the highest regard around the world. They decide cases objectively on the evidence placed before them, “without fear or favour”. The lawyers appearing before the Courts do not express personal opinions but act on behalf of their clients. I very much hope that there will now be a period of calm reflection and that we do not see any comments using inflammatory language or which seek to vilify the judges or lawyers involved in the Brexit (or any) litigation.”

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