Coming together to raise the Bar

Two industry leading legal software companies have joined together with the aim of providing seamless services to barristers and clerks across the world.

Opus 2, the leader in cloud-based collaboration for law firms, has acquired Bar Squared, the top provider of chambers management software (LEX), which is used by more than 240 chambers and 11,000 barristers and clerks worldwide.

“Bar Squared is a great business and we are very excited about the possibilities this transaction brings us.” said Graham Smith-Bernal, Executive Chairman of Opus 2.

“Opus 2 and Bar Squared are not only the established leaders within their respective markets, but more importantly, also share a strong client-focused culture and a deep understanding of their markets’ and clients’ needs.”

Opus 2 provides legal technology and services to connect people, case information, analysis and data throughout the lifecycle of a dispute.

Case teams and clients can log in to access a shared, centralised set of documents and collaborate from anywhere in the world and at any time, enabling seamless communication and interaction.

In addition, Opus 2 has the capability to deliver electronic hearings and trials worldwide.

“Seamless engagement between all stakeholders across the entire workflow represents the future of legal work,” said Martin Coen, CEO of Opus 2.

“The acquisition aligns with Opus 2’ s vision of delivering a broad range of best-in-class solutions into a single connected environment so lawyers, barristers, clerks, other third-parties and clients can more easily work together wherever they are and focus on substantive legal issues—without friction and without having to think about the tools or technology.”

Since 2007, LEX has been at the cutting edge of chambers software and continues to develop to satisfy the changing needs of today’s Bar.

It is an intuitive, accessible, cross-platform application, delivering barristers and clerks an encompassing, world-class, case and practice management solution.

“From the beginning, our focus at Bar Squared has been on developing simple, highly functional, intuitive and feature- rich tools for progressive barristers’ chambers,” said David Connolly, Sales Director at Bar Squared.

Helen Ford, Managing Director of Bar Squared said: “Joining Opus 2 is an exciting opportunity, strengthening our ability to deliver the best services to barristers and clerks globally.”