William Marshal, The Greatest Knight – Rescuer of the Magna Carta Statue to commemorate the 800th Anniversary of William Marshal’s Death in 1219

2015 saw the 800th year Anniversary of King John Sealing the document at Runnymede that would be known as The Magna Carta.
Less well known is the fact that King John arranged for the annulment of the Magna Carta some several weeks later by persuading the Pope that the Carta was made under duress and as such was not a legal contract.
That could have been the end of the story of The Magna Carta.
King John died the next year in 1216.  His successor was Henry III who was just nine years of age at the time.
John’s regent was William Marshal.  It was William who reissued the Magna Carta by way of affirming the new Kings faith in the people.
One could argue that without William Marshal, there may well be no Magna Carta.
William Marshal was Earl of Pembroke, a town on the South West Wales Peninsular.  Pembroke was a very important strategic stronghold and later became the birthplace of Henry Tudor, Henry VII, the founder of the Tudor Dynasty.
Pembroke town has embarked upon a community led project for a life size public statue of William Marshal on Horseback to commemorate the importance of William both nationally and for the Town of Pembroke.  The photo below is the modellers Marquette.  You will see that William is brandishing the Carta rather than a sword.
The Statue will be placed prominently outside of the walls of Pembroke Castle which William helped to strengthen and build in Stone.
A public fund raising campaign for William’s Statue on Horseback has been launched.
The cost of the project is £65,000.00.
Such is the interest in the project that £30,000.00 has already been raised by private donations prior to the public launch.
A local giving site has been opened for the remaining £35,000.00.

As the rescuer of the Magna Carta, this tribute is of particular interest to the legal profession.
We would welcome any support you are able to provide to help us achieve our aim to provide a fitting, lasting tribute to William Marshal “The Greatest Knight”.

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