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Chambers Location Head of Chambers
1 Paper Buildings London Michael Hubbard QC
5 Paper Buildings London Richard King QC
2 Paper Buildings London Desmond de Silva QC
5 Paper Buildings London Godfrey Carey QC Jonathan Caplan QC
4 Paper Buildings London Jonathan Cohen QC
3 Paper Buildings London Tim Lamb QC Richard Tyson
Lorne Park Chambers Bournemouth Tim Lamb QC Richard Tyson
Paradise Chambers Sheffield Roger Keen QC
Park Court Chambers Leeds Robert Smith QC
Parklane Plowden Chambers† Leeds Andrew Axon
9 Park Place Cardiff Ian Murphy QC
30 Park Place Cardiff Jane Crowley QC
Civitas Law  Cardiff Management Committee
37 Park Square Leeds Stephen Glover Rodney Ferm
39 Park Square Chambers Leeds Timothy Bubb
Partnership Counsel London Roderick Banks
Peel Court Chambers Manchester Howard Bentham QC
Pendragon Chambers Swansea Andrew David Sara Rudman
Phoenix Chambers London The Hon. Bruce Pitt
1 Plowden Buildings London Alison Armour
Parklane Plowden Chambers† Newcastle upon Tyne Andrew Axon
Portal Chambers Pencader Tina Douglass
Portsmouth Chambers Portsmouth Andrew Parsons
Prince Henrys Chambers London David R. Harris
6 Pump Court London Stephen Hockman QC
5 Pump Court London Michael Collard
4 Pump Court London Nigel Tozzi QC and Nicholas Vineall QC
2 Pump Court London Philip Singer QC
1 Pump Court London Elizabeth Lawson
Pump Court Chambers London Christopher Clark QC
Pump Court Tax Chambers London Andrew Thornhill QC
Quadrant Chambers London Nigel Teare QC
Queen Elizabeth Building London Andrew Moylan QC
Queens Chambers Preston Preston Timothy Ryder
Queens Chambers Manchester Timothy Ryder
Queens Square Chambers Bristol Christopher Taylor
Radcliffe Chambers London Keith Rowley QC
Renaissance Chambers London Brian Jubb
Regency Chambers Peterborough Ian Martignetti
Riverview Chambers London Chris Bayliss QC
Richmond Green Chambers Richmond Phillip Taylor
Sackville Chambers Norwich Stephen Ridley
Sedan House Chambers Chester Wyn Lloyd Jones
Selborne Chambers London Romie Tager QC
No1 Serjeants Inn London Edward Faulks QC
3 Serjeants Inn London  Angus Moon QC and John Beggs QC
Serle Court Chambers London Lord Neill naof Bladen QC
SettlementCounsel London David Stern
Solent Chambers Portsmouth Peter Collins
South Square London William Trower QC
11 South Square London Christopher Floyd QC
Southernhay Chambers Exeter Anthony Ward
31 Southgate Street Winchester Christopher Clark QC
Sovereign Chambers Leeds Geoffrey Marson QC Peter Collier QC
Sparrow Chambers London Marie-Claire Sparrow
St Albans Chambers St. Albans Management Committee
St Alkmunds Chambers Shrewsbury Mary Bennett
St Davids Chambers Swansea Julie Vallack
St Ives Chambers Birmingham Michael Keehan QC
St James Chambers Manchester Robert Sterling Ian Leeming QC
18 St Johns Street Manchester Peter Birkett QC
9 St Johns Street Manchester John Hand QC
28 St Johns Street Manchester Michael Redfern QC
St Johns Chambers Bristol Richard Stead.
St Marys Family Law Chambers Nottingham Nigel Page
St Pauls Chambers Leeds Nigel Sangster QC
St Pauls Chambers Manchester Nigel Sangster QC
St Pauls Chambers Newcastle upon Tyne Nigel Sangster QC
4 St Peter Street Winchester Tim Lamb QC Richard Tyson
St Philips Chambers Birmingham William Davis QC
Staple Inn Chambers London Veronica Ramsden
4 Stone Buildings London George Bompas QC
5 Stone Buildings London Henry Harrod
3 Stone Buildings London Geoffrey Vos QC
9 Stone Buildings London Vivian Chapman
11 Stone Buildings London Edward Cohen
Stone Chambers London Stephen Gee QC
Stour Chambers Canterbury Simon Johnson

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