LSB publishes first assessment of regulators’ performance under new framework

The Legal Services Board (LSB) publishes today its first assessment of the performance of the legal services regulatory bodies following the introduction of the new performance framework in December 2017. 

The regulators have met the minimum required level of performance against the majority of the outcomes in our regulatory performance framework. Where the outcomes are not yet fully met, an action plan has been developed for each regulatory body to address the areas of concern.

Our initial assessment as set out in this report establishes a baseline for each regulatory body and there will be further ongoing, proactive assessment of their performance. We will monitor progress through regular contact with each regulatory body and will adjust our assessment based on the actions taken.

Legal Services Board Chief Executive, Neil Buckley said:

“We have seen significant ongoing improvement in the performance of the regulators since we first started assessing them in 2011. I am pleased that in this latest assessment, the first under our new framework, we have again found considerable progress from our previous assessment in 2017. Whilst this progress is encouraging, there is still work to be done by every regulatory body and the LSB will be pressing each body to strive for continuous improvement, demonstrating that they are well-led organisations.  

There are two particular areas where a considerable number of regulatory bodies have not yet met the minimum standards required and we will focus our attention on these areas in the coming year. The first relates to failure of some regulators to include disciplinary findings in their regulatory registers. The second concerns transparency about regulators’ decision making and performance, which includes issues such as publishing Board papers and detailed minutes”.  

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