LSB launches consultation on its 2018-2021 strategic plan and 2018/19 business plan

The Legal Services Board (LSB) launches today a consultation on its draft 2018-21 strategic plan and draft 2018/19 business plan.

Legal Services Board interim Chair, Dr Helen Philipps, said:

“The Legal Services Board is currently in the last year of its existing strategic cycle.

While there have been improvements in legal services regulation over the last three years our 2016 market evaluation and the Competition and Markets Authority’s recent market study have demonstrated that there is more to do to make the legal services market work for consumers and the public more widely.

We have a vision of legal services that everyone can access and trust and in pursuit of this, we are proposing to focus on three objectives for the next strategic cycle:

    1. 1. promoting the public interest through ensuring independent, effective and proportionate regulation


    1. 2. making it easier for all consumers to access the services they need and get redress, and


    1. 3. increasing innovation, growth and the diversity of services and providers.

Our draft business plan sets out the work that we will pursue under each objective during the first year of the new strategic cycle. This includes implementing our new approach to assessing regulatory performance, through which we will encourage the regulators to be well-led organisations that strive to demonstrate good governance.

Effective collaboration with stakeholders in the legal sector will be key to maximising our impact and improving outcomes for consumers and the public. Through this public consultation we would like to hear from anyone with an interest in legal services and the wider legal services community about what we have got right, what could be improved and where they see scope for joint working.”


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