Kings Chambers Launches New ‘Debrief’ Podcast

Leading barristers from Kings Chambers have launched a new podcast series called “Debrief” which discusses developments in clinical negligence and healthcare law.

The first episode, out now, focuses on the recent landmark judgment of the Supreme Court in Darnley v Croydon Health Services NHS Trust.

Hosted by Nigel Poole QC, Head of Chambers, the podcast features clinical negligence barristers Richard Livingston and Helen Mulholland who discuss the judgment and its implications.

The landmark judgment in Darnley held the NHS Trust liable for providing ‘misleading information’ to a patient. The judgment is important because it fixed the Trust with liability even though the misleading information had been given by a non-medically qualified receptionist.

Mr Darnley was taken to A&E by a friend having been assaulted earlier that day and suffering from a head injury. After being wrongly told he would have to wait four to five hours to be seen, he left the hospital and later suffered serious brain injuries after collapsing at home.

Nigel Poole QC, Head of Chambers at Kings Chambers and host of the podcast said,

 “The podcast provides an easy way to listen to an informed but accessible discussion of important developments in clinical negligence and healthcare law. Each episode will last about half an hour. You can listen at home, during the daily commute, or when walking the dog. At Kings Chambers we want to engage both lawyers and non-lawyers in thinking about the law and its impact on society. The Debrief podcast is part of that project.”

To hear the full discussion, go to;

Episode Two will focus on recent case law on consent to treatment.

Kings Chambers is based in Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham. It is ranked 9th in the country in the most recent Chambers UK Bar Guide.

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