A – Z Barrister Chambers Online


Chambers Location Head of Chambers
4 Kings Bench Walk London Christopher van Hagen Lawrence Power
KCH Barristers Nottingham Management Committee
Keating Chambers London Vivian Ramsey QC
Kent Chambers Maidstone Kevin Sparks
Kenworthys Chambers Manchester Francis Burns
Kew Chambers James Wilson
KBG Chambers  Plymouth Deni Mathews
8 King Street Manchester David Eccles
King Street Chambers Leicester Nancy Hillier
Kings Bench Chambers Bournemouth William Andreae-Jones QC Kenneth Cameron
Kings Bench Chambers Birmingham Davinder Dhaliwal
Kings Bench Chambers Oxford Roger Ellis QC
Kings Bench Chambers Plymouth Michael Vere-Hodge QC
1 Kings Bench Walk London Richard Anelay QC
2 Kings Bench Walk London Management Committee
2 Kings Bench Walk London Michael Vere-Hodge QC
4 Kings Bench Walk London Timothy Raggatt QC
5 Kings Bench Walk London Brian Higgs QC
6 Kings Bench Walk London Roy Amlot QC
6 Kings Bench Walk London Sibghat Kadri QC
7 Kings Bench Walk London Gavin Kealey QC Julian Flaux QC
8 Kings Bench Walk London Lord Gifford QC
9 Kings Bench Walk London Alice Deschampsneufs
9 Kings Bench Walk London Ali Azhar
10 Kings Bench Walk London John Algar
11 King’s Bench Walk North Leeds Franz Muller QC
11 Kings Bench Walk London Franz Muller QC
11 Kings Bench Walk London Eldred Tabachnik QC James Goudie QC
12 Kings Bench Walk London Andrew Hogarth QC
13 Kings Bench Walk London Roger Ellis QC
174 High Street Lewes – One King’s Bench Walk Lewes Anthony Hacking QC
40 King Street Manchester Frances Patterson QC
Kings Chambers Leeds Frances Patterson QC
Kingsgate Chambers Manchester
Kingsgate Chambers Bradford
Kings Court Chambers Birmingham Tariq Rehman†
Lamb Chambers London
Landmark Chambers London
Liverpool Civil Law Liverpool Mr. David Bennett.
Mansfield Chambers London Michael Mansfield QC
Maidstone Chambers Maidstone Alison Ginn Richard Travers
Maitland Chambers London Michael Lyndon Stanford QC Charles Aldous QC Michael Driscoll QC
Matrix Chambers London Tim Owen QC
1MCB Chambers  London John Benson QC
4 Middle Temple Lane London Julia Wallace
Middleton Chambers Maidenhead Sean Middleton
Mill Street Chambers Maidstone Stephen Hockman QC
Mitre Court Chambers London clerks@1mcb.com
Mitre House Chambers London Francis Gilbert
Monckton Chambers London Kenneth Parker QC Paul Lasok QC
Montclare Campbell Chambers London Montclare Campbell
New Bailey Chambers Preston Keith Thomas
New Bailey Chambers Liverpool Keith Thomas
15 New Bridge Street London Patrick Upward QC
New Court (Chambers Closed) London All enquires -020 7831 0037
New Court Chambers London Guiseppe Cala
New Court Chambers Newcastle upon Tyne John Evans QC
11 New Square London Hedley Marten
8 New Square London Mark Platts-Mills QC
4 New Square London Justin Fenwick QC
3 New Square London Antony Watson
7 New Square London Bernard Pearl
11 New Square London John Gardiner QC
†New Square Chambers London Nicholas Le Poidevin QC
7 New Square IP Chambers London John Fitzgerald
2 New Street Leicester Mark Wyatt
New Walk Chambers Leicester John Snell
Nexus Chambers London James Sutherland
Nicholas Street Chambers Chester Robert Trevor-Jones
No 6 Chambers Leeds Management committee
No 8 Chambers Birmingham Ian Strongman
No5 Chambers Birmingham Paul Bleasdale QC
No5 Chambers Bristol Paul Bleasdale QC
No5 Chambers London Paul Bleasdale QC
15 North Church Street Sheffield Christopher Mills
Northampton Chambers Northampton Maria Savvides
Octagon Chambers Taunton Alan Large
Octagon House Norwich Andrew Lindquist Guy Ayers
24 Old Buildings London Rex Bretten QC
XXIV Old Buildings London Alan Steinfield QC Martin Mann QC
22 Old Buildings London Benet Hytner QC
Old Court Chambers Middlesbrough John Constable
10 Old Square London Leolin Price QC
11 Old Square London Malcolm Waters QC
12 Old Square London Charlotte Boaitey
11 Old Square London Simeon Thrower
Thirteen Old Square Chambers London John McDonnell QC
Old Square Chambers Bristol John Hendy QC
Old Square Chambers London John Hendy QC
Oriel Chambers Liverpool Andrew Sander
Outer Temple Chambers London Philip Mott QC

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