Exchange Chambers barrister speaks at international White Collar Crime conference

Nick Johnson QC from Exchange Chambers has taken part in an international debate on whistleblowing, particularly in the context of financial crime.

Nick was part of the discussion panel at the American Bar Association White Collar Crime Conference, which was held in San Diego last week. It was a rare opportunity to explore the laws and practices of different countries – the UK, US, Netherlands, Brazil, Canada and Australia – in dealing with important issues such as protection for whistleblowers, best practice by employers, investigating cartel activity and bribery, corporate criminal and civil liability and rewards for whistleblowing.

Said Nick:

“Supporting whistleblowers properly rather than shooting the messenger can have a considerable impact upon subsequent investigations and litigation. It was a real pleasure and privilege to be part of this important debate and learn how different jurisdictions handle whistleblowers in tackling financial crime and ensuring good corporate governance.”


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