The continuing global rise of litigation funding

Barely a week goes by without a major announcement from one of the big players in the world of litigation funding. This is a symptom of the industry’s rude health. However, funding isn’t just thriving in the established markets of the UK, US and Australia. This global growth can be attributed to ambitious funders seeking…Continue Reading

Scotland prepares for compensation culture

The Civil Litigation (Expenses and Group Proceedings) (Scotland) Bill is currently before the Scottish Parliament’s Justice Committee. The Bill proposes significant changes to the way that personal injury and other litigation is funded and managed in Scotland, with the aim of increasing access to justice, providing equality of arms between claimant and defender in litigation…Continue Reading

The modern era of Judge-led Reform

Most barristers with a passing interest in court reform will have been aware in recent years of a clutch of reform initiatives led by senior judges, which concern the administration of justice. In the last five years for example we have had the benefit of Mr Justice Ryder’s[1] ‘Judicial Proposals for the Modernisation of Family Justice’ (2012);…Continue Reading

The changing role of the clerk in the modern age

 As the recruitment process gets underway for a new Bar Council Chief Executive to replace Stephen Crowne, who is retiring this August, it is an interesting time to take a moment to contemplate how familiar we have all become with the role Chief Executives take at the Bar. At one time it was unthinkable that…Continue Reading

The Importance of Unreported Judgments

 As every barrister knows, precedents matter. To see just how much, you only have to visit the original courtrooms of the Royal Courts of Justice. Next to the bench of each High Court judge, the weighty bound volumes containing the law reports are on full display, adorning the walls, symbolically underpinning the precedents of the…Continue Reading

Current Shortfalls in the Interpretation of DNA Results

Developments in DNA profiling have seen significant increases in the sensitivity and discriminating power of the DNA testing systems used routinely in criminal case work.  This means that DNA profiles can now be generated from the tiniest trace of DNA, and such results can have an almost overpowering numerical strength associated with them. The increase…Continue Reading

How document collaboration could enhance your Chambers

In an evolving and competitive market, forward thinking sets of Chambers are continually looking for ways to become more efficient and effective with a focus on retaining their clients and winning new business. As we all know the legal industry has a large reliance on documentation, traditionally in paper form. There is a shift in…Continue Reading

The winds of change

Chambers has seen many changes over the last number of years yet the last three years the pace of change seems to have increased. The regulatory framework has resulted in barristers and chambers staff battling with the concept of chambers structures even more so than previously. With many chambers having service companies already, ABSs are…Continue Reading

Shaping the Bar’s response to Brexit

It is apparent to the legal professions perhaps more than most, that the process of exiting the EU is not only highly political but fraught with legal complications which are yet to be fully unravelled. Barristers as specialist experts in their fields are well-placed to identify the key issues arising across their vast array of…Continue Reading

New consultations from the Bar Standards Board

 In my last article for ‘the barrister’, I began by talking about the review of the Future of Bar Training.  Our review, and our discussions with the Bar Council and the Inns of Court, continue and in the autumn we shall be consulting you further to seek your views on a range of issues including…Continue Reading

Combating acid attacks in London

“…People who carry out horrific acid attack could be jailed for life as part of plans for a massive Government crackdown…”. (Home Secretary Amber Rudd, 16th July 2017, London, United Kingdom) Among various other crimes, acid attack is considered as one of the most horrific crimes. This crime has a devastating effect on victims, both physically…Continue Reading

Family Bar has much to be proud of: 79% of clients give barristers top marks

The Bar Council and Family Law Bar Association (FLBA) have backed family law barristers for meeting their clients’ needs and expectations after research from the Bar Standards Board (BSB) showed clients were positive about the service their barrister provided. Similar levels of client satisfaction with their lawyers were also reported today by new findings from…Continue Reading

Speech to HM Judges dinner

From: Ministry of Justice and The Rt Hon David Lidington MP Published: 6 July 2017 Delivered on: 5 July 2017 Speech delivered by the Lord Chancellor at a HM Judges’ dinner at Mansion House. My Lord Mayor, Lord Chief Justice, Ladies and Gentlemen. Can I start by joining the Lord Chief Justice in thanking you Lord Mayor for…Continue Reading

The Lessons from Grenfell Tower

The inferno at Grenfell Tower and the tragic loss of life is having unexpected consequences by indirectly spotlighting the yawning income divide between the victims of austerity and the rich elite. Research has shown there is a direct and irrefutable relationship between mental health issues, crime-rates and life-chances in societies with the world’s highest income…Continue Reading

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