Businesses flocking overseas due to Brexit uncertainty.


 UK companies are looking to streamline their organisations and move overseas in response to Brexit uncertainty, according to international business expert John Galvin.

Following reports that Jean-Claude Juncker has dismissed the government’s Brexit plan, and with a ‘no deal’ scenario looking more likely than ever, John GalvinFounder and CEO of Galvin International, says that he has seen a dramatic rise in the number of UK businesses enquiring about moving overseas.

John Galvin said: “The Brexit secretary, Dominic Raab, can try and talk down any suggestion that Brexit is bad for business, but we’ve seen a significant number of companies concerned that we will be leaving the EU without a deal in place. A weak pound, which dropped in value after the Brexit vote, has for many companies, made the UK a less profitable place to do business.

“We’re receiving more enquiries than ever before from companies who want to set up overseas, with the Netherlands and Ireland proving popular, given their access to the Single Market and Customs Union, and good transport infrastructure.

Galvin International provides advice and support to organisations looking to expand or relocate overseas.

The award-winning expert added: “Rather than seeing business bosses looking to grow their companies, we’re seeing CEOs looking to protect their existing business by setting up a base in the EU. I think that speaks volumes about the concerns that many businesses have around Brexit.”

In conjunction with this, John Galvin and his team have seen an increase in business CEOs looking to move part of their operations into the EU, streamlining their companies during this uncertain period.

 John Galvin added: “Companies are assessing every area of their operations, to find the most sustainable way forward for them once we leave the EU. When businesses are forced to accelerate their plans like this, they want to know that they have the right framework in place, especially as they expand into unknown new countries.”

Galvin International are a consultancy service who assist organisations with global growth and relocation by creating custom solutions and offering personalised advice from their team of experts.

John GalvinFounder and CEO of expansion consultancy Galvin International, has a wealth of experience in the world of international business.

After 20 years as a Chief Financial Officer and senior leader in multinationals including Dow Jones and Thomson Reuters, as well as in SME businesses, he became convinced that there was an easier way to help companies to expand internationally.

In 2015 he set up Galvin International to provide a one-stop concierge service for businesses looking to expand overseas. Having been in his clients’ position as a CFO, he was perfectly placed to know what businesses want: to untangle the complexities of the expansion process and find the right connections and support they need to get things up and running.

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