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Judicial Appointments Commission releases latest diversity statistics

Thursday, June 4, 2015

A diverse group of successful new High Court judicial candidates is included in the latest official statistics released by the Judicial Appointments Commission today.

The official statistics cover 21 selection exercises. Eighteen of these were completed between October 2014 and March 2015, with 17 posts requiring legal qualifications and one being non-legal. Three of the 21 exercises in the official statistics are previously reported legal posts, but also fall within this reporting period as further recommendations have since been made.

A total of 304 candidates were recommended for appointment (249 for legal posts and 55 for the non-legal post). Eight exercises were large enough to be reported individually without the risk of identifying candidates. All diversity characteristics are those that candidates have chosen to declare (see Note 5 below).

Christopher Stephens, Chairman of the Judicial Appointments Commission, said: “The latest statistics show a solid performance for both women and BAME candidates. For example, the JAC recently recommended 10 new High Court judges of exceptional quality. These include three women, four judges aged under 50, one with a disability and two with a BAME background. This is a diverse group of senior judiciary.

“Looking at the exercises overall, women continue to perform well and I am very pleased to see that BAME candidates have had more success than in the exercises reported in the previous set of statistics. The figures for solicitors and CILEx Fellows are disappointing this time, particularly for the Deputy District Judge (Civil) (DDJ (Civil)) selection exercise. There was a much stronger field of candidates for this DDJ (Civil) exercise than the previous one in 2012 and so competition was particularly tough. I hope to see candidates from both professional backgrounds achieve more success in the exercises to be reported in the next set of statistics.”

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