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5 Tips for developing Your Chamber’s unique selling proposition (USP)

Rahul Katrak Digital Strategy Consultant at Futura

A unique selling proposition is an often overlooked but extremely important element of every barristers’ chambers business development strategy.

For your barristers’ set to thrive and ensure long term profitability in today’s competitive legal practice landscape, it needs to have a relevant, compelling and intelligently articulated unique selling proposition. 

A unique selling proposition is the reason clients choose your chambers’ services over any other. To the prospective client, or solicitor acting on behalf of your client, your USP is the answer to their fundamental question "What does your barristers’ set offer that nobody else does?"  

Your USP is your chambers’ “iron curtain of indispensability” that develops a pipeline of ideal clients. The way to spearhead continued growth for your chambers is to demonstrate a unique selling proposition that is relevant, appealing and powerful, that convinces your prospective clients that you’re offering something superior and unique, which has a value based benefit for them. 

 It’s likely that many of your prospective clients have difficulty deciding which barristers’ chambers is the one that deserves their time, money and trust. This selection can be a daunting process for individuals that don’t have the experience to perceive what separates your chambers from the rest.

You can assist them by making your unique selling proposition obvious, compelling and memorable enough that they can clearly understand and appreciate why your barristers align perfectly with their needs.

Let’s evaluate five key elements that underpin the creation of a profit driven USP for your chambers. 

 Focus On Your Core Strengths

Exploring the factors that differentiate your services from the competition and identifying the unique position that you wish to occupy, provides a foundation for the development of your USP. What are your chambers’ unique strengths, expertise, insights or approaches to providing their services?

Finding your main promise will require collective introspection and brainstorming; it could be based around a particular practice area, barristers’ attributes, a unique network of contacts that your clients can have access to or even a unique approach to client care. 

Understand And Appeal To Your Ideal Clients

It’s imperative that your USP should not be generic.  Before developing your chambers’ USP you need to have a focussed understanding of who your ideal clients are - the ones who will be profit maximisers for your chambers. 

An appreciation of their buying psychology, needs, purchasing prejudices and concerns, will enable you to formulate and shape a benefit laden USP, based on your chambers’ core strengths. 

In other words, having a unique selling point focussed on a specific group of ideal clients—even one that ostracizes some prospective clients—is a competitive advantage.

Be Benefits Driven – Think Like A Client!

An effective USP should never be insular or features driven, it should always be thought through from a client’s perspective and translate into a meaningful benefit that they will value, rather than merely being an intellectual point of difference.

The ability to think like your clients by appreciating their values, needs, problems and beliefs will assist in creating an appealing USP. Your USP needs to reflect the way you do business, while being sufficiently important to your ideal clients to help sway the decision to hire a barrister from your set.

 Ensure Differentiation

Your USP needs to be subjected to some competitor analysis to ensure that it is inimitable and unique. If your current USP is a "me too" proposition, it won’t yield the desired benefit in terms of client acquisition and profits. 

The chosen USP as a form of differentiation needs to be built around selling your chambers’ services, not just to make your barristers set into a quirky brand that stands out but can’t get sales traction.

Stay Relevant Over Time

An effective USP is one that has the ability to stay relevant over time, it may require tweaks, but the fundamental benefit that it represents should remain the same.  

To that end, a USP needs to be frequently monitored and aligned with new product and service offerings, new target markets and competition, even new changes in management. It is imperative to watch out for any shifts in industry trends, client preferences or competitor offerings that cause consumers to view your USP differently. 

Whatever your chosen USP, it should be driving the development of your chambers’ marketing strategy and communicated consistently throughout all your marketing materials. 

When you have a USP that is easy to articulate and benefit laden, you’ll find all your business development activities – from writing sales letters and website copy to  thought leadership articles in industry publications become far more effective. 

Communicating your USP also extends to every visual aspect of your marketing whether you are creating a website, brochure or embarking on an online advertising campaign, ensure that the design style of your marketing touch points amplifies your USP. 

Chambers’ clerks and barristers understandably, have very limited time for marketing. It’s a big enough challenge to run a great practice and that’s where Futura’s brand strategy and marketing services can assist in developing a USP that will help ensure your chambers’ competitive advantage. 

About The Author

 Rahul is a Digital Strategy Consultant at Futura, an integrated business strategy, brand strategy, website development and marketing agency in London. 

FUTURA specialise in spearheading business growth for professional services firms, identifying appropriate value propositions, developing persuasive key messages, and creating mindshare with their client’s target audiences through their brand strategy, website development and marketing services. 

They bring together the visionary enthusiasm of entrepreneurs, the strategic thinking of business consultants, the creative abilities of a design agency and the technological savviness of a digital agency to create an integrated set of services that add tangible value to their clients businesses. 

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