Opportunities Knock: Identifying and recording lost opportunities, opens up new methods of detecting weaknesses in Chamber’s armoury.

  Undeniably, we live in a world where information is king. Each new form of technology we embrace (smartphones, tablets, and apps), increases our already unparalleled access to all manner of data related to our health, finances, utilities, and social lives. We’ve become ‘remote-controllers’ of many aspects of our environment and circumstance, and can affect/avert…Continue Reading

Immigration Bill: One step forward, two steps back?

  Recently, buzzwords such as ‘Calais Crisis’ and ‘Net Migration Figures’ have dominated media coverage of immigration in the UK, and the government has faced considerable pressure to take decisive action on this issue. The situation in Calais – the growing number of people living in makeshift camps around the port – became a media…Continue Reading

Human Trafficking: A young person’s solution” ?

In July 2015, against the backdrop of an escalating migrant crisis and an, as yet unsympathetic, governmental approach, we invited sixth formers from across Greater London to come and discuss modern day Human Trafficking, law and policy. This was the 2nd summer school Big Voice London has run to date, following last year’s successful project…Continue Reading

Court fees, criminal courts charges, court closures.

  There is some irony that in the year that we saw numerous celebrations to mark the 800th anniversary of the sealing of Magna Carta, changes to the justice system risk taking us back towards the Middle Ages. Increased court fees, the introduction of a criminal courts charge and the proposed closure of courts risk…Continue Reading

Chambers property structures

  During the last 10 to 15 years an increasing number of Chambers have sought new premises which better suit their needs. In addition to this move to more modern facilities, many have decided that, rather than renting from a third party landlord, Chambers should acquire a property outright. In a recent edition of the…Continue Reading

The Bar Standards Board: A risk-based regulator and the future of the Bar

  In the coming years, the Bar of England and Wales will face major challenges. These will arise from changing consumer demands and expectations, technological advances and global competition. They will arise too from Statutory and other approaches to regulation that place both the public interest and the free market above preservation of traditional practices…Continue Reading

Revenge Pawn: Sex-tapes and marital disputes  

  As 2016 begins, the concept of the “fresh start” is apparently adopting a rather bleaker meaning for those practising in family law, who report this week that the annual tradition of the New Year divorce (nicknamed “D-Day”) is still going strong. Statistics out of the family law team at Irwin Mitchell report a 25%…Continue Reading

The officious bystander triumphs over the man on the Clapham omnibus

  The decision in Marks and Spencer PLC v Bank Paribas Securities Trust (Jersey) Limited and another (‘Marks and Spencer’) [1] In this case, the Supreme Court has confirmed the long-established common law rule that rent paid in advance for any period after a lease has been determined pursuant to the exercise of an entitlement…Continue Reading

Civil Litigation: The Disclosure Iceberg

The tip of the iceberg Most people involved in litigation are familiar with the notion of submitting costs budgets to the courts via the uniquely succinct Precedent H. Precedent H allows for the following main categories of cost for disclosure: Fee earners’ time costs (note assumption of multiple fee earners) Expert’s costs (note assumption of…Continue Reading

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